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Why choose Chariots for a tour of Washington DC?

Depending on your preferences, Chariots can provide printed booklets or professional in-house tour guides to deliver you to all of Washington's most popular sites. Our private tours are fun and relaxing making them a favorite amongst thousands of families and groups.

What will we see?

The Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, WWII Memorial, Washington Memorial, The White House, US Capitol, Jefferson Memorial, FDR Memorial, Korean Memorial.


May we change the tour itinerary?

Depending on your interests and time frame, tour guides welcome your requests!

Can a tour be self-guided?

Absolutely, we have expert chauffeurs who will follow your direction and can take you anywhere you'd like to visit.
Tell me about your tour guides.

Tour Guides are trained and properly licensed to give tours in Washington DC. They will provide you with the historical background of each stop and share unique stories about our Nation's Capitol all along the way.

May I see a map of the tour?

Sure, click the map we've provided to view our tour stops. Click Here

Can we bring food?

While we offer an easy and delicious catered lunch upgrade, you are welcome to bring your own food. However, please keep in mind that $250 will be charged for excessive clean up. Click here to view our lunch menu.

Do we need tickets for any of the sites?


The National Mint, Spy Museum and Washington Monument do require tickets for entry. For an additional fee, one of our tour guides is more than happy to secure tickets for you and your guests.


Are there safety regulations for limo and shuttle buses?

Your safety and the comfort of all guests is our number one priority. Please be advised, standing and moving around while the bus is in motion is strictly prohibited.

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