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Why choose Chariots for your wine tour?

Our wine tour chauffeurs have been specifically trained for your trip so sit back and relax in one of our luxurious limos, sedans or limo buses. Chariots wine tour experts will help you plan a perfect day at the vineyards and we are considered a preferred vendor with many of the regions wineries.


I don't know anything about VA wine.

Not to worry! Chariots has our very own Virginia Winery Expert who can make sure the right choice is made for your group or event.

What is the normal length of time for a wine tour?

Our wine tours are private and customizable. On average, wine tours last 5-7 hours. This includes travel time to and from wine country and tastings at 2-3 vineyards.
How long does it take to get to VA wineries?

On average, travel time from the Washington DC metropolitan area to VA wine country is approximately 60-90 minutes depending on the vineyards location.

How do I know which wineries to visit?

Our selection of vineyards were selected based on their consistent courteous service to our guests and are packaged by location to facilitate your visit. We also have a wine tour expert who is ready to help plan your outing, start by clicking the map to visit many of the wineries online.

How many wineries can we visit?


We recommend 2-3 wineries for groups up to 15 people. For groups over 15, we recommend only 2 wineries so that you are not rushed. Larger groups mean lengthier tastings and require more time to load the vehicle.


What if our wine tour runs late?

Depending on vehicle availability, we will be happy to extend your time at the vehicles regular hourly rate. Check the wineries hours of operations to confirm availability and times.

Do we make reservations at the wineries?

Most wineries require reservations. While we can provide recommendations, our guests are required to make the tasting reservations directly with the winery.

Can we bring food?

While we offer an easy and delicious catered lunch upgrade, you are welcome to bring your own food. However, please keep in mind that $250 will be charged for excessive clean up.

What is the Select Wine Tour lunch menu?

The catered lunch option can be found on our Select Wine Tour Blog. Click here for more details.

What is expected of guests on wine tours?

Our customers are guests of the vineyard and they need to respect the rules of the vineyard. Please do not bring alcoholic beverages that were not purchased from the vineyard onto the premises. Vineyard management also reserves the right to refuse service to any group or guest.

Are there safety regulations for limo and shuttle buses?

Your safety and the comfort of all guests is our number one priority. Please be advised, standing and moving around while the bus is in motion is strictly prohibited.

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